Workshop: Tools for facing the Climate Crisis

A course of four 3-hour workshops combining Forrest yoga, meditation, community-building and idea-sharing, to help you face the climate crisis with clarity, hope, strength and resilience.

  • 12 hours of tuition over four months
  • Forrest Yoga practice in each workshop, led by a Level Two certified teacher
  • Meditation and breathing techniques
  • Yoga sequences to practise at home
  • Carefully chosen reading to prepare for each session
  • Sharing information and ideas
  • A chance to make eco action or lifestyle pledges and help each other to stick to them
  • Social gathering after each workshop

Saturdays 21st September, 19th October, 23rd November and 14th December


South Oxford Community Centre

£80 (£40 for students or unwaged)

One book is recommended as preparation reading for each session (details below). Not included.

To book, email

We are facing a climate emergency. You are going to need abundant energy to help make the changes which can save our species and our planet. You are going to need empathy, compassion, and calm steadiness in the face of opposition. The human race needs you to be whole, healed, resilient and strong. It is your duty to your species to become the best version of yourself.

This four part course, led by Hinny Wass, Level Two certified Forrest Yoga teacher, will combine Forrest Yoga, meditation, reading, discussion and community-building to help you do just that. Learn how to ground yourself and avoid being overwhelmed by fear and by the enormity of the task. Learn how to connect with other people to build strong, kind, supportive, wise-living communities. Learn how to trust yourself and your intuition, and to step into your power.

Workshop 1: Processing Huge and Difficult Emotions

It has been said, of the climate crisis, that if you’re not terrified then you haven’t understood. In this workshop learn meditation and yoga techniques for avoiding being overwhelmed or paralysed by fear and grief, whilst still allowing yourself to feel these emotions.

The reading to prepare for this session is ‘Thrive’ by Rob Kelly. (£20.88 on Kindle or £40 paper copy.)

Workshop 2: Releasing Emotional Scar Tissue

Emotional pain can get stuck in the body, manifesting as long-term physical and/or emotional discomfort or numbness. It limits our capacity to be happy, connected and energised, and it can make our bodies stiff and painful. Dealing with this discomfort and with the emotional rawness takes a lot of our precious energy, which would be much better spent building a better future for our children! In this workshop you’ll learn how to use Forrest Yoga ceremony to release these emotional blocks so that your body can be more comfortable and your heart can heal.

Reading for session two: Fierce Medicine by Ana Forrest. (Audiobook free with a trial of Audible, £6 on Kindle, or from £5 for a second hand paper copy)

Workshop 3: Building Physical Strength

Strength and stamina, good physical health and trust in our amazing bodies will stand us all in good stead, whatever the future holds. At the very least we may all be walking or cycling more instead of driving, and growing some food in our gardens or in pots on our window sills. Living in a strong and healthy body requires less physical and mental effort, leaving time and energy for more important things. In this workshop we will explore asana to build strength and flexibility pain free, and meditation techniques to connect to and fully inhabit our physical bodies. Prepare yourself for an exciting and fun yoga practice!

Reading to prepare for this session is ‘In Defence of Food’ by Michael Pollan. (Audiobook free with a trial of Audible, £5 on Kindle, or from £3 for a second hand paper copy.)

Workshop 4: Enoughness

Being able to discern what is enough is an important skill to cultivate. To perceive that you are enough is to free yourself from the tyranny of perfectionism. To own enough but not more is to disengage from the harmful culture of endless consumerism. To eat enough but not more is to deeply connect with the subtle communications from your wise body and to begin to truly honour your needs. This session will include meditation and yoga to explore and celebrate our enoughness, and a closing ceremony.

To prepare for the fourth and final workshop you are asked to read ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo.

(Audiobook free with a trial of Audible, £10 on Kindle, or from £7.50 for a second hand paper copy.)

Hinny has a small number of lending copies of all of the recommended books. If you would like to borrow them then get in touch. Huge thanks to Rob Kelly for donating two copies of his book.

If you would like to attend the workshops but cannot afford them then please contact Hinny.

For all bookings and enquiries email