Hinny Wass yoga asana

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Forrest Yoga meets every student where they are at right now today, and helps them strengthen, release and heal.

I am hugely passionate about Forrest Yoga, and I am very excited about the possibilities it offers to every single human being to become happier, healthier, stronger and more comfortable. It is a powerful tool for change and growth, and no matter how fit, how bendy, how strong you are I'm certain you'll find that life is always better with yoga in it!

Anyone can do it

All you need to start studying yoga is willingness! The exciting journey starts with however you feel right now.

Get Strong

Forrest Yoga helps you build strong muscles, which helps support your joints and prevent injury. You will also gain flexibility and balance.

You can do more than you think

Forrest Yoga can help you become stronger and more agile than you believe you can. You’ll feel the benefits both on and off the mat.

Undo the damage

Forrest Yoga helps counteract the harm we do by spending our days sitting down, hunched over a screen or steering wheel.

Who is Hinny Wass?

Hinny is a certified Level Two Forrest Yoga Teacher, based in Oxford. She first discovered Forrest Yoga, under the expert teaching of Forrest Yoga Guardian Jambo Truong, while living in Newcastle upon Tyne. At the time she was working full time as a violinist and violin teacher, and found that Forrest Yoga was an excellent way of easing the aches and pains resulting from her work.

As Hinny continued to practise Forrest Yoga, she discovered that it was also the route to becoming stronger than she’d ever imagined she could be, feeling more balanced both in body and in mind, to healing physical discomforts and emotional scar tissue, to learning how to live with more grace and make better choices, and to becoming part of a wonderful, intelligent and fiercely kind community - the international Forrest Yoga tribe. She is very excited to share this unique and wonderful form of yoga with you, and to help you experience its myriad benefits.

In Hinny’s classes you can expect to feel supported, safe and encouraged. You will be given all the help you need so you can practise yoga in a way which is healing, comfortable, strengthening, revelatory, mindful and transformative.

In her spare time Hinny enjoys feeling the sunshine on her skin, reading spy novels, knitting socks, and dancing, though she has much less spare time these days since her most beloved son was born. Hinny has an MA in linguistics, specialising in syntax.

Hinny Wass yoga asana


Definitely do it if you can. Hinny is a calm, warm tutor. I'm feeling much better aligned with lots to think about, thank you Hinny!


Absolutely recommend this. It's warm, slow, soothing and a very happy space. You will feel supple, tall and relaxed.


It was ace and super relaxing, and taught me things about muscles. And wasn't at all difficult or sweaty as I had feared. Thanks Hinny!


I'm looking forward to hearing from you!