Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga has been developed by Ana Forrest to counteract the discomforts of modern life, such as the aches and ailments caused by extended sitting and hunching over computers, devices and steering wheels. In Forrest Yoga movement and breath are linked together to calm the mind and body, develop strength and confidence, and track feeling throughout the body. Classes are warm, sweaty, fun and safe.

Hinny first discovered Forrest Yoga in 2011, when she began attending classes run by Forrest Yoga Guardian Jambo Truong in Newcastle. She fell in love with Forrest Yoga immediately. Not only did the classes help ease chronic tension in her shoulders and neck, and bring her mind to a calm place, but they also showed her that she was capable of much more than she had ever imagined. Plus she always came out of class feeling amazing!

After moving to Oxford, Hinny missed Jambo’s classes and the Forrest Yoga community so much that she decided she would have to build something similar in her new city. In October 2016 she travelled to Texas for a month-long intensive Forrest Yoga teacher training course, run by Guardians Cat Allen and Heidi Sormaz, and is now a Level One certified Forrest Yoga teacher. She is very excited to share with you the myriad benefits of this wonderful form of yoga.

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When you come to class, wear comfy clothes that you can stretch in, and bring a bottle of water. Mats and props are provided, but you can bring your own if you prefer. Yoga is best on an empty belly, so don’t eat in the 90 minutes before class. Email to book your place, or just turn up. If it’s your first class, come a little early.