Yoga for Violinists

Are you a violinist or viola player? Do you seek more resonant tone, more freedom of creative expression, better posture, a way to heal aches and pains or rehab injuries, a path away from performance anxiety and self-mutilating voices, or a happier relationship with your instrument? If you answered yes to any of the above then this workshop is for you!

Hinny is a violin teacher of ten years’ experience. She began learning the violin at age three, and in the intervening decades has discovered the absolute joy of making music. She has also come to experience, at various times, the discomforts associated with being a violinist: the aches and pains from long hours spent practising; the endless striving for a better sound and the frustration when it doesn’t happen; performance anxiety and self doubt; the pressures associated with learning and working in a competitive environment. When Hinny discovered Forrest Yoga she found something which has helped to counteract all of these things, and she began to find even more joy and contentment in playing the violin.

Having now become a certified yoga teacher, Hinny is in the wonderful position of being able to share this discovery with other violinists and viola players. In these specialist workshops, Forrest-inspired yoga sequences are combined with tone and resonance exercises. The links between posture, mindset and sound are explored, to help you break through the physical and mental barriers to unrestrained musical expression.

If you would like Hinny to run a half or full day workshop in your local area, for your orchestra or fiddle group, at your university’s music department, or for your group of friends then please email