Happy 5th December! This sequence will help you to make space in your low back. Hope you enjoy it!

Do each pose for five to eight breaths (or five to eight breaths on each side, if it’s asymmetrical). Do five to eight rounds of abs.

Never stretch into pain. Take care of your body. If you’re pregnant then skip the abs exercise and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right.

  1. Take three deep breaths, focussing on the sensation of breathing.

  2. Gentle stretch: Forward Bend in Baddha Konasana

    Baddha Konasana Forward Bend

    How to do it: Sit on your mat and bring the soles of your feet together in front of you. Press the balls of your feet together, press the heels of your feet together, and flex your toes back to support your ankles and knees. This is Baddha Konasana. For the forward bend, on inhale lift your heart up towards the ceiling, and on exhale walk your hands forward. Find your way into a forward bend which lengthens the front of your torso as well as the back of your torso. Relax your forehead, neck, jaw and shoulders. Take five to eight breaths into where you feel the stretch. To come out, walk your hands back towards you and sit up.

  3. Abs exercise: Elbow to Knee

  4. Something zingy: Pyramid


    How to do it: Stand on your mat, facing the short edge. Step your left foot forwards until your feet are about three feet apart. Align your hips with the short edge of the mat - you might need to move your left foot a little to the left to make this happen. Front toes point straight forwards, back foot turned in about 30 degrees. Lift your front toes up and spread them wide. Tuck your tailbone down. Both legs straight. Inhale and lift your heart, exhale and walk your hands down your front leg until you feel a pleasant stretch. Your hands can rest on the floor, on a block, or on your leg (but avoid putting pressure on your knee). Press both feet into the ground equally. Roll your left hip back a little, and on exhale draw your belly button back towards your spine. Take five to eight breaths into where you feel the stretch, then switch sides so your right foot is in front and repeat.

  5. Final relaxation: Lie on your back in a warm place for at least a minute and let tension drain from your body.

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