Tight neck and shoulders? Then this one’s for you! This is pretty much exactly my own practice when I don’t have much time in the morning - it works brilliantly to ease out the stiffness I wake up with.

Go cautiously if you have any kind of neck injury or pain. Don’t do anything that hurts - listen carefully to the signals your body’s giving you - and stretch to just 80% of your capacity.

If you are pregnant then you can do all of this sequence except you will need to miss out the abs exercise. Be careful not to put any pressure on the baby.

Throughout this sequence, send your inhale into anything that feels tense, tight or stuck, and use your exhale to release whatever you’re ready to let go of.

The Sequence

  • Side bend and neck release, breathing into neck
  • Baddhakonasana forward bend, breathing into low back
  • Abs with a block/roll (4-6 rounds)
  • Dolphin prelude
  • Turbo puppy
  • Dolphin
  • Horse
    • Shoulder shrugs
    • Birdwing
  • Warrior 2:
    • eagle
    • archer
    • ostrich
    • (left side first, then repeat on right side)
  • Shower on the Wall
  • Neck release (sit on fingertips of left hand and relax head towards right shoulder, other arm comes1. - up and over, with fingertips on jawline)
  • Savasana
  • As with any of these short sequences, if you want to do a longer practice then you can add in a few - rounds of Sun Salutations after Dolphin. If you’re in the mood for an inversion, then after you’ve - done Shower you’ll be warm enough to do Dolphin on the Wall or a forearm balance.

Hope it helps you as much as it helps me!