Are your hips tight, stiff, tweaky? Or do you just want to bring in some sparkling fresh energy to your lower body? Then here’s a fifteen minute practice just for you!

These are all poses we’ve done in class, but if you can’t remember what one looks like then you can google it, or head to the asana photo gallery on This sequence is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.

The pelvic floor and the sacral joint (where the spine meets the pelvis), when active, both act as pumps to help move lymph and clear out what the body doesn’t need (like, for example, the sticky, clogging fibrin which results from long-term stress and inflammation). If we spend our lives sitting down then these pumps aren’t activated and things can get a bit swampy, so Forrest Yoga can really help here.

Throughout your practice send your breath into your hips. On inhale gently bear down into the pelvic floor, and on exhale feel for drawing the pelvic floor just a little up towards your belly.

As always, work to only 80% of your capacity, and don’t stretch into pain or do anything that your body doesn’t like.

The Sequence

  • Relaxing the Neck, legs in Baddhakonasana (BK)
  • Unlocking the Hips (two stages)
  • BK forward bend
  • Frog Lifting Through (4 to 6 rounds)
  • Warrior 2, left foot forward:
    • Shoulder Shrugs
    • Head to Ankle Prep
    • Lounge Lunge
    • Pigeon Transition through down dog
    • and repeat from on the other side, right foot forward this time.
    • Happy Baby
    • Savasana

If you want to do a longer practice then you can add in a few rounds of Sun Salutations after Frog Lifting Through. After Pigeon on the second side you can add in a pose like Pin Feather or Archeopteryx Prelude if you fancy a juicy apex challenge.