Hinny Wass Yoga Schedule

Hinny is now on maternity leave.
From 12th March, Flo Smith will be running the Monday night class at SOCA.
Contact flogayoga@outlook.com with queries or for more info.


Day Session Venue Description Price
Forrest Yoga South Oxford Community Centre
Brenda Horwood Room
Access via main entrance, ring the bell
With Flo Smith.
Mixed ability class. All welcome!
£5 students
£40 for six

If you decide that you'd like to come to class regularly, then you might want to consider buying a block of classes to save money. For classes at SOCC and in Stanton Harcourt you can buy a six-class card, and for Jam Factory lunchtime classes you can buy a ten-class card. These cards are valid for six months, so you don't need to worry if you can't make it every week.

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Which kind of session is best for me?

Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga has been developed by Ana Forrest to counteract the discomforts of modern life, such as the aches and ailments caused by extended sitting and hunching over computers, devices and steering wheels. In Forrest Yoga movement and breath are linked together to calm the mind and body, develop strength and confidence, and track feeling throughout the body. Classes are warm, sweaty, fun and safe.

Hinny first discovered Forrest Yoga in 2011, when she began attending classes run by Forrest Yoga Guardian Jambo Truong in Newcastle. She fell in love with Forrest Yoga immediately. Not only did the classes help ease chronic tension in her shoulders and neck, and bring her mind to a calm place, but they also showed her that she was capable of much more than she had ever imagined. Plus she always came out of class feeling amazing!

After moving to Oxford, Hinny missed Jambo’s classes and the Forrest Yoga community so much that she decided she would have to build something similar in her new city. In October 2016 she travelled to Texas for a month-long intensive Forrest Yoga teacher training course, run by Guardians Cat Allen and Heidi Sormaz, and is now a Level One certified Forrest Yoga teacher. She is very excited to share with you the myriad benefits of this wonderful form of yoga.

To find out more about Forrest Yoga visit forrestyoga.com

When you come to class, wear comfy clothes that you can stretch in, and bring a bottle of water. Mats and props are provided, but you can bring your own if you prefer. Yoga is best on an empty belly, so don’t eat in the 90 minutes before class. Email hinny@hinnywassyoga.co.uk to book your place, or just turn up. If it’s your first class, come a little early.

Lunchtime Office Escape

Beat the afternoon slump, boost your brainpower and cheer yourself up with a half-hour lunchtime yoga class!

Human bodies need movement in order to function well. Movement like yoga helps lubricate joints, helps the body eliminate toxins by getting lymph moving, keeps breathing full and so helps feed the body and brain with oxygen, and helps calm stress. If you don’t move then you can end up feeling tired, irritable, stressed and achey, so come along to class! You can spend half an hour giving your body what it needs, then get some lunch and return to work refreshed. In class you will also learn techniques that you can use every day to keep your mind fresh and your body healthy.

The class won’t be a hot and sweaty one, but you will need comfy clothes you can stretch in (not your work suit!). Mats and props provided. Yoga is best done with an empty belly, so eat lunch afterwards, rather than before. Limited space at the Jam Factory, so email hinny@hinnywassyoga.co.uk to book your place.

Private Lessons

Hinny also offers one-to-one tuition in your home. You just need to provide a warm room with space for two yoga mats, and Hinny can bring everything else you’ll need. For prices and more information email hinny@hinnywassyoga.co.uk

Private lessons are excellent for: those who prefer practising yoga at home rather than in public classes; those who can’t find a class at a time that suits them; and people who have a particular injury or issue they want to address. A private lesson offers you the chance of asking as many questions as you like, and of receiving focussed, detailed guidance in your yoga practice, plus lots of hands-on assists to help you find best alignment.

Yoga for Violinists

Are you a violinst or viola player? Do you seek more resonant tone, more freedom of creative expression, better posture, a way to heal aches and pains or rehab injuries, a path away from performance anxiety and self-mutilating voices, or a happier relationship with your instrument? If you answered yes to any of the above then this workshop is for you!

Hinny is a violin teacher of ten years’ experience. She began learning the violin at age three, and in the intervening decades has discovered the absolute joy of making music. She has also come to experience, at various times, the discomforts associated with being a violinist: the aches and pains from long hours spent practising; the endless striving for a better sound and the frustration when it doesn’t happen; performance anxiety and self doubt; the pressures associated with learning and working in a competitive environment. When Hinny discovered Forrest Yoga she found something which has helped to counteract all of these things, and she began to find even more joy and contentment in playing the violin.

Having now become a certified yoga teacher, Hinny is in the wonderful position of being able to share this discovery with other violinists and viola players. In these specialist workshops, Forrest-inspired yoga sequences are combined with tone and resonance exercises. The links between posture, mindset and sound are explored, to help you break through the physical and mental barriers to unrestrained musical expression.

If you would like Hinny to run a half or full day workshop in your local area, for your orchestra or fiddle group, at your university’s music department, or for your group of friends then please email hinny@hinnywassyoga.co.uk

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!